Sunday, June 12, 2011

The big 1.0!

Hey all you Carpe Diem family members!  A big thank you is in order: we are approaching our 1 year anniversary this June 16th, and we are so pumped! Without our amazing family of locals and extended family of tourists that treat us so well, we would not be where we are today-busy, busy, busy!  There is nothin' like a packed house on a Wednesday night in Napa.

ALSO-by popular demand, we bring you this blog.  This online gateway to the secrets behind our menu, wine list and adventures in Napa will be updated frequently, as  new juicy information presents itself.  So please, follow us and check up regularly for recipes, winemaker tidbits, and fresh inspiration from the valley.

Whether you live in the heart of Napa and visit us on the regular, or just stopped in to see us on a vacation to this gorgeous valley, we invite everyone that comes into our home to be a part of the Carpe Diem experience.   We are committed to seeking out innovative dishes that will be sure to satisfy, and special wines that keep you on the edge of diversity and uniqueness.  And so, we look forward to keeping the spirit of Carpe Diem alive with amazing food, wine and hospitality for many years to come.

Our spot on 2nd and Main St. downtown has really become part of our identity and is the center of our world.  We love it here!  Please come visit, and visit often.

Until Next time,


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